Hype Hop Radio - What is IoT?

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[00:33] Now we are discussing the Internet of things. The Internet of things is about connected objects, which could be phones, printers, hardware, or software. It's connected objects to the Internet.

[00:54] There may be as many as 40 to 80 billion connected objects by 2020. There will be 10 connected objects for every man, woman and child on the planets and people can be treated as things through the power of smart devices. People will not only consume data, but they will contribute data to the IoT through their phones and tablets as human sensors.

[01:25] is the source of all this wonderful information. So this is a little bit about the Internet of things and it combined with AR, VR, Ai and the Blockchain, and now we have the full stack of advanced tech.

[01:46] So I want to thank you so much for listening today. I am Barbara Bickham, and this has been your Tech Minute on Hype Hop Radio.

Hype Hop Radio - What is AI?

Welcome to Hype Hop radio. This is your Tech Minute. I am Barbara Bickham. If you go to my website, and join our discord group so that any questions that you ask about Advanced Tech can be answered on a future tech minute.

Today we talk about artificial intelligence. What is AI? It's the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior.

There are many, many aspects of a AI. One is computer vision. How do you recognize objects.

Speech recognition and synthesis. How do you turn sounds into words and vice versa.

Natural language processing, otherwise known as NLP. How do you extract meaning from language.

Knowledge representation. How do you sort information in a practical way.

Reasoning. How do you combine pieces of information to reach conclusions and planning? How do you schedule a sequence of actions to fulfill a goal and make sure they're executed well?

These are all areas of artificial intelligence.

Many of you may have heard of machine learning. There are many aspects of machine learning. There's unsupervised learning, they're supervised learning and there's reinforcement learning.

An example of unsupervised learning might be something that you do in marketing all the time. Customer segmentation.

An example of supervised learning is weather forecasting.

An example of reinforced learning is the game AI that you're playing or maybe real time decisions.

These are all aspects of machine learning, which is a subset of artificial intelligence. So I want to thank you for our short AI tutorial today. This is Hype Hop radio and you're listening to the Tech Minute. Thank you so much for listening today.