Here's just a small sampling of the companies we've helped over the years.


Napalm Entertainment

Napalm Entertainment in an Interactive Game and Design Studio.  Click the link above to experience our Interactive Facebook Game: Climb & Fall.

"An accomplished executive with a strong technical background for the CTO position, who also brings fundraising experience and a passion for fantasy sports." - Edwardo Jackson, CEO,



Trvl Porter

"I have had nothing but a positive experience working with Barbara. She is extremely well-rounded in the technology industry, as well as her knowledge in business development and fundraising that she has brought to the table. Her recommendations about my business have saved me so much time and a lot of money on unnecessary business development costs. She's been a great advocate for Trvl Porter and has connected me with some great resources. I absolutely love working with Barbara because she has an amazing attitude, she is punctual, professional and an amazing asset to any team." - Stefanie Nissen, CEO, Trvl Porter



"I find Barbara's instruction comes firstly from impressive work experience, and with this, an ease in understanding what's really important. Then, as you work with her, she turns the table and puts you with the steering wheel, (which is where you want to be). Luckily, Barbara is there to fill in the gaps of knowledge and guide some of your choices, because, she's been there!" - Duncan Burns, CEO, VeggieDome

(Speaking of the experience of Barbara Bickham's Business Plan Creation series at Expert Dojo.)