Our Value

We consult with CEOs to help you create revenues for your product.
We implement lean startup best practices.  
We take the manual things that you do and automate them, making your company more efficient.
We map out the Product and Technology Roadmaps, User Stories, Board Reports, Hiring Plans.
We help outsource and/or onboard new talent and manage the engineering resources.
We collaborate on your idea to help make it a reality.
We Architect and Design for scale.
We do all these things with the most Advance Technologies in mind - AI, IoT, Blockchain and AR.
We speak to investors, incubators and accelerators.  
We help with your fundraising strategy. Yes, this technologist can also speak the language of money.
We do Blockchain, Speak Blockchain: Token Economics, Product Architecture, Whitepaper.

How It Works


Let's chat to see where we can collaborate.



We capture our collaboration.
We charge: "Box of Hours": 20, 40, 60, 80 hour blocks.
We do: monthly retainer (unlimited time): 1 year minimum.



Sign off and innovate.