Han Ko, President and CEO (Founder), USAKO Group

Han earned his graduate degrees in the field of electrical engineering from Washington University in Saint Louis. He continued his technical career, working with Fortune 500 companies. Based on the experience and passion, he became an independent entrepreneur, and has successfully launched and operated multiple ventures in U.S. and in S. Korea in venture capital and real estate. His experience includes venture capital in technology and commercial real estate investment, and he also has played various for-profit and nonprofit organization leadership roles in multiple capacities for the past few decades. Details can be found as below:

  • Founder, President & CEO, USAKO Group, Pontiac Group, Space Scuttle, ZPODS and other ventures

  • USAKO Group is the Official Global Partnership with S. Korean government

  • Han is also the second generation Commercial Real Estate Investor, and has hands-on experience and good understanding in the area.

  • Capital Innovators Investment Mentor/Advisor 

  • AACC Chamber of Commerce board member

  • S. Korean Presidential Adviser, as an Official Member of National Unification Advisory Counsel to S. Korean government

  • OCA Pan Asian Community board member

  • Gateway Korea Foundation, Founding board member

  • FIRST Robotics, a Board Member and a Judge Committee

  • Arch Grants Screening Judge

  • RobuCup Federation, a Board Member and Executive Steering Committee Chair 

  • Have engaged in a numerous professional Talks and Lectures in U.S. and S. Korea for Economic Development, Technology and Investment

  • Mentoring and Advising multiple companies for investment and technology